Dent Repair

Car Dent Repair Chicago

Here’s an unfortunate scenario. You attended a family barbeque and low and behold someone runs into the back of your car. You now have a huge amount of auto repair, dents that must be repaired. You are instantly concerned about the costs of the dent repair. Will the cost of the dent removal be outrageous?

In Chicago that could certainly be a problem. The price of a simple auto body repair are as varied as the amount of people living in Chicago, therefore you become concerned on who to trust.

Of course the first step is to relax, contact your insurance company and then follow through with their instructions. The insurance company will fill out a claim to see if the auto dent repair will be covered under your policy and or what the deductible is. Insurance claims are handled in one of two ways:

  • The insurance company will inform you to contact three different auto body shops to get quotes on the car dent repair costs (that’s one way).
  • Or, the insurance company will send someone from their company who will give you a quote and estimate costs of the dent repairs on their own vs. trusting others to do it for them.

During your search you locate cheap car dent repair shops and auto body repair shops listed. You want your shop to be a local one so you look up car dent repair locations and look for a shop that does dent repair in the Chicago area. You locate some car dent repair shops that seem to fit your specifications. Begin now by calling the auto body shops on your list and schedule times to get quotes for the repair of your car dents.

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