Auto Body Paint

Auto Body Paint Chicago

In Chicago there is only one choice for auto body paint and repair shops and at prices you can afford. Cost is an issue, you bet it is! From choosing the right paint colors to a receiving your vehicle back fully restored, you will be pleased with the quality of service, supplies and prices guaranteed.

The process of auto body repair:

We make it simple!

Initial Inspection – We carefully inspect your vehicle in order to give you the best price. We carefully match colors for all paint jobs so that your car is perfect when finished. A lot goes into the initial inspection and starting of your order. We will carefully walk you through the process every step of the way.

Order Parts – Because every car or auto body job is different, the parts required to repair your vehicle are ordered. In some cases parts need to be special ordered, thus we place the calls quickly to get the quickest possible return of all parts in order to begin your repair.

“West Loop Auto in Chicago is concerned with your job, so much so that we go the extra mile to help you feel comfortable with the process. We realize that it’s an emotional time for someone who loses the ability to drive a favored vehicle. From start to finish we walk you through the process of your auto body paint and repair work so there are no surprises.”

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